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Pet Caskets

Your pets ashes can be returned to you in a casket or scatter box of your choice.

Caskets are hand crafted out of quality wood and have a baize base and a brass plaque engraved with the name of your pet.

Scatter boxes are made of cardboard with a green mock Moroccan leather finish.

Visit the Petributes website at: to view a wider range of styles of caskets and other quality products.

Equine Ashes Casket
Equine Ashes Casket

Equine Ashes Casket

Chester Antiqued Wood Pet And Equine Ashes Casket

Chester antiqued wood pet and equine ashes casket

Scatter Tubes

Scatter tubes

Solid Bamboo Wood Pet Ashes Caskets

Solid bamboo wood pet ashes caskets

Cat Crematorium Thirsk North Yorkshire
Rabbit Crematorium Thirsk North Yorkshire
Dog Crematorium Thirsk North Yorkshire
Horse Crematorium Thirsk North Yorkshire

Contact us

Further information and prices available from David and Gillian Sanderson:
  01845 567 750 | Mob.  07801 687 565

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